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When Ellen Tucker enters into service at Redfern Abbey, a titled household, she knows how lucky she is. All she wants is to work hard and rise up the ranks. Finding love is the last thing on her mind - and then she meets Master Edward, the Earl's only son. As heir to the title, Edward is aware of his responsibilities and where his future lies. He knows that Ellen has no place in that future but he can't fight his attraction to her. As their moments of stolen passion become more intense, Ellen and Edward realise that they need to find a more permanent solution, whatever the consequences . . . Available exclusively as a digital short story from Amazon and iTunes 
The day of the Langton Park community fair has arrived and Evie Preston, a well-respected professor’s daughter, is eager to spread the word about her afternoon lecture programme for ladies. She has no clue how her ideas will affect three very different women . . . Lady Alice is struggling with the life her mother and brother believe she should be living. Surely she should be making these choices for herself? Florence is bright but she’s bored. She’s keen to continue learning but her parents think she’s had all the education she needs. And then there’s Meg, who is young and full of hope for the future, but frustrated with the obstacles in her way. Authentic, gripping and spellbinding, The Professor’s Daughter is a short story about a group of strong women who are unable to ignore their responsibilities but who also refuse to ignore their hearts. *Contains an exclusive extract from Catherine King's novel, A Sister's Courage: a story of tragedy, strength and hope*