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Olivia Copley is an orphan. Sent to live with her uncle, the ruthless mine owner Hesley Mexton, she soon discovers that a house ruled by men can not only be desperate: it can be cruel. A new governess, Harriet Trent, offers Olivia a glimpse of hope. But Harriet’s past is full of secrets and, alone and without protection, Olivia realises the Hesley Mexton will take full advantage of her vulnerabilty - despite her governess’s protests. Harriet and Olivia form a close bond... but will they find the courage to defy the man who seeks to hold them captive?
A powerful tale of bitter revenge and sweet retribution... Mariah Bowes thinks that being alone and penniless is the worst thing that can happen to her, but then she becomes the victim of a horrifying act of revenge... Silk and Steel was shortlisted for The Romantic Novel of the Year Award, 2008. ‘A wonderfully told tale of pain and passion,’ said Judge, Helen Lederer. ‘Rotherham-born King superbly evokes time and place in this good old-fashioned, page- turning story of one woman’s brave battle for survival in a world that has conspired to make life as tough as it can get.’               ........................................... Lancashire Evening Post  
Author of Historical Novels
Quinta Haig is struggling to make ends meet at Top Field with her ailing mother, Laura. Their small Yorkshire farm is run-down and isolated and when the only way to take their goods to market is lost, Quinta is prepared to sacrifice almost anything for both of them to survive. Noah Bilton, a wealthy neighbour, has designs on Top Field as well as ideas for the future of Laura and her daughter. He offers an uneasy solution to keep them out of the workhouse, but Laura Haig will having nothing to do with it, or him.  When strangers appear at Top Field shelter, Quinta's hopes are renewed - but Noah is determined to take what he wants, by fair means or foul. Quinta finds love against all odds, but is deserted at her most vulnerable. The hardships that follow give her a steely determination to seek retribution from the man who has wronged her - but can revenge ever bring back her happiness?
Little Sarah is found on Christmas Day: a new-born baby, soon to be an orphan. As her unnamed mother breathes her last, Sarah is taken in at the grand Meadow Hall in South Riding, Yorkshire. As soon as she can hold a scrubbing brush, her working life begins.  Feisty and headstrong, Sarah's temper often leads her into trouble. At fourteen she decides to escape the life of a servant and run away...
Beth thought marrying gentleman farmer Edgar would rescue her from a life of endless servitude, but her future would be bleaker than she could ever imagine. When the legitimacy of her twins is questioned, the tiny infants are sent away. James is adopted by Edgar’s uncle, Lord Redfern, master of Redfern Abbey, but Daisy is sent to a cold-hearted childless couple who raise her to be a maid. When Daisy, at sixteen, finally escapes her life with her adoptive brother Boyd, they arrive at the Abbey to seek work. Little does Daisy know that her real flesh and blood is the next in line to be lord of the Abbey. There is a strange connection between Daisy and James, something they can neither explain nor ignore. But will the truth be discovered in time?
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Desire: Lettie Hargreaves wants more than the simple, uncomplicated life which her grandmother can provide. She longs for excitement and love and she’s determined to make something of herself. Deceit: There is something about Lettie’s mother that Ivy has kept hidden from her granddaughter, something that would shatter her world. So when Lettie suggests going into service with the ailing Lady Laughton, Ivy knows she must do something to stop it. Determination Feeling stifled and confused, Lettie chooses a different path that offers her the chance of love and of the life she craves. But she is still the same strong-minded young woman and her ambition may do more harm than good as she is entirely unaware of the secrets her actions will uncover.
A story of loves lost and found, of sexual exploitation, deceit,greed and murder... For Sale: One child, six months old. Lissie. The Seller: Grace Beighton watched the mother die. Only she knows who the real father is. The Buyer: Corrupt, powerful, apparently above the law, Luther Dearne has everything he could possibly want - except children. She writes with authority, skill and confidence... a real old-style Victorian drama...’ Elizabeth Gill  ‘A gritty and realistic tale... the characters are so richly drawn and authentic...’ Anne Bennett
Phyllis Kimber’s future is called into question after her father is killed in Earl Redfern’s employ. but the earl knows something about Phyllis that means she will always be looked after. As lady’s maid to Martha, Phyllis is the American heiress’s only confidante in England. She knows Martha doesn’t love the recently widowed Lord Melton, the man Martha’s father is determined she should marry. But there’s another secret...
When her mother passed away, Meg Parker sacrificed her chance at love for the sake of her brothers. She hopes she will be able to live a full life after her father remarries – until tragedy strikes a second time. Suddenly, Meg is facing a darker future altogether. Lady Alice Langton is travelling the Yorkshire Dales, spreading the suffragette message. Florence Brookes accompanies her, impassioned by the cause but seeking distraction from her own troubles. Appalled by their lack of domestic skills, Meg decides to flee her old life and joins the two women as their maidservant.When Meg is reunited with her old flame, she is hesitant about her feelings for him – not least because of the rift this causes between her and Lady Alice. It’s not until Florence’s actions land them in jeopardy that Meg realises she must find the courage to make a heartbreaking choice.
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